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History of nipple piercing

Nipple Piercing

Its interesting to know that sometimes people consider that the first cases of nipple piercing in civilized cultures started in Rome. They say that Roman soldiers were considered to have pierced their nipples as a result that they may be able to hang their capes from them. But frankly speaking there is no proof of this taking place and there are numerous debates over this supposition.

Call your attention that it wasnt until the middle of the 14th century that women started to experiment with nipple piercing. Queen Isabeau of Bavaria first introduced nipple piercing into upper class society. She was among the first of well-known women who have their nipples pierced. At the time, the women in high society wore garments that were cut to the navel showing vast amounts of cleavage. Soon after that women began showing their nipples freely and nipple enhancement became all the rage.

Nipple piercing was a fashion tendency in the Victorian period. Women in France understood that when the nipple was pierced it remained erect and as a result they saw that having continuously erect nipples was more sexually appealing to their husbands. Moreover nipple piercing was also admired for its ability to make bigger the size of nipples. Piercing of the nipples is as well considered to stop them from inverting. And its really true that nipple piercing is still celebrated today for these reasons.

Nowadays you can do nipple piercing at any angle (from vertical to horizontal). Each nipple is capable of bearing numerous piercing and it depends on the size of the jewelry and the nipple itself. Jewelry normally used for nipple piercing contains barbells or hoops with captive beads.

Nipple piercing is done with a needle. The piercer will prep the nipple with an alcohol pad to prevent the possibility of infection. The piercer will mark the area to make sure that it is straight when the alcohol has dried. And after that the act takes its course when the piercer has decided that the pierce will be straight. Afterward a sterile needle of suitable gauge (usual 14 for men, and 16 for women) is pushed through into a cork. Next piercers push jewelry through with the needle still in place.

Remember that your piercer should teach you as to properly caring for your new nipple piercing. You should note that nipple piercings can take anywhere from 2 months to 1.5 years to completely heal.

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